[Image: Certificate on table]
[Image: Certificate on table]

Everything ISO!

The Aldenhoven Testing Center was recently re-certified by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Audited and re-certified was our entire offering: the provision of an interdisciplinary test environment for mobility and related services. The regular audits verify and confirm the conformity and effectiveness of our quality management system. In short, you can continue to rest assured that everything is done in an orderly and, above all, safe manner at our company.

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[[Photo: The Team]]
© Aldenhoven Testing Center

Team Spirit

What would the Aldenhoven Testing Center be without the people behind the scenes? Every day, our team gives its all to ensure that you can test well and safely, pass your projects successfully, and reach milestones.

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[Mercedes-Benz EQC in Steilkurve]
© Mercedes-Benz Driving Events

Driving as an event

The Aldenhoven Testing Center as a test center has big brands and big vehicles on our tracks from time to time: From fire engines of different cities in the region to electrically driven trucks or H2 vehicles to the successful event "Mercedes-EQ Track Drive" carried out by Mercedes-Benz Driving Events.

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[Vehicle tests]
© Aldenhoven Testing Center

Filmed Testing

As a testing center for mobility, the Aldenhoven Testing Center is open to all interested companies, including SMEs and start-ups alike. Our customer base reflects this diversity, as do our 12 track elements.

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[[Foto: recumbent race]]
© DropLimits / Jörg Basler

Winning lying down

On 9/3/2022, you might have thought at first glance that our test site had turned into a pool table. What looked like many colorful balls was the exciting recumbent race of DropLimits, a network of recumbent cyclists and record chasers. 39 riders* participated. There was an elimination race or a fastest lap that was done at more than 80 km/h; there was also an hour race.

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