Intersections / Straights

[Photo: Intersections / Straights]
© Martin Dietze / Aldenhoven Testing Center

The intersections and straights are highly variable and can thus be varied over a wide range for the respective test case in terms of their lane guidance as well as the simulated building backdrops. They also have close-meshed connection options for sensors as well as positions for traffic signals, signage and lighting.

[Schema: Intersections / Straights]

[Location: Intersections / Straights]

Variable concrete house backdrops and V2X traffic lights provide inner-city test scenarios. Runs according to Euro NCAP protocols are possible. In conjunction with the multifunctional area, the maximum length is 400 m.


Surface Asphalt Asphalt Asphalt
Maximum length of approach [m] 170 190 50
Width in intersection area [m2] 17 x 17 17 x 8 x 7 8 x 7
Distance of connection points [m]
(network and power)
15 15 20
Lane setup variable, up to 5 variable, up to 3 variable, up to 3
Artificial buildings variable, built of concrete variable, built of concrete or wood none
Traffic lights yes, V2X yes, V2X yes, V2X
Euro NCAP Protokol   AEB VRU Version 3.0.2, July 2019
CCFTap Version 3.0.1, February 2019
Length [m] 210 260 130
including multi-functional area 350 400 210
Width [m] 7 – 17 7 – 8 8