New year, new projects

Hard to believe, but true: the new year is already a week old, and we are busy advising you on all your plans for 2022 and taking bookings.
We would be happy to support you in your planning for events and test drives at our Aldenhoven Testing Center.

This picture was taken on our dispatchers' first day of work with our on-board units (OBU). These cell phones, which record and send your GPS position via software at regular intervals, increase your safety while you are on our tracks. OBUs keep you in touch with the dispatch team, and we can conveniently collect your usage data for you. The on-board units are issued to the test drivers every time they use our test tracks.

We wish you for the new year as much joy and creativity in all your projects as our team has it at work!

[Picture: Laptop with track element overview]